Albuquerque Open Sky Zen

The Albuquerque Open Sky Zen Group (AOSZG) focuses on practicing and sharing the Dharma together. While there is emphasis on Zen teaching and practices, an integrative approach is taken and thus practice and teachings from other Buddhist traditions are incorporated.

The evening consists of two sitting periods with a period of walking meditation between them. After the second sitting, a short Dharma talk is given on some aspect of practicing and then there is time for questions and answers. All levels of practitioners are welcome to join. Introductory meditation instructions are given at the beginning of the evening for those who need them.

A brief period of chanting practice will also soon be included.


AOSZG is led by Tony Sager, a senior Dharma teacher of the Kwan Um School of Zen.

Tony began practicing meditation and mindfulness while in college in 1978. He has practiced and taught in the United States and internationally, including 21 years as a fully ordained Buddhist monk. He lived and worked in Buddhist community for 27 years. He is a senior Dharma teacher of the Kwan Um School of Zen.

Tony is passionate about practicing and loves sharing teachings and practice with others. He focuses on helping people incorporate the formal (such as sitting, walking and chanting meditation) and informal (meaning how to be mindful and foster presence and awareness while engaged in everyday life activities) aspects of practice into their daily lives in a natural way. He brings heart into the practice, teaching how the heart is part of the essence of Dharmic realization and how it manifests in life.

Presently, Tony works as a psychotherapist (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor) here in Albuquerque.